An end of year message for our partners

“Hi, I’m J, and I run the team here at Dstny Automate. This is my end-of-year message, and I would just like to start with saying thank you so much to all of our partners that have worked with us this year, and also to my incredible, incredible team.

So 2022 has been just amazing for us, we have just done so much stuff, and I’m so proud and excited by what we’ve achieved. We’ve had three major product launches. We’ve increased our team from 23 to 65 over the course of the year, we now have people in over 11 countries in 7 different time zones, working with end users in over 108 countries. This investment in our team has meant that we can invest more in our platform, in our products and also in our 24/7 support. I think that for me that just all adds up to delivering great service for our partners.

We have also this year been acquired by Dstny group. Dstny are a big player within Europe. One of the exciting things for us is that they bring a whole load of proprietary IP. So we will access that and bring that into our products.

We’ve also been hugely honored to have been awarded a number of awards this year, including UCToday, including the SaaS awards, and even some broader business awards in the UK and globally.

So 2022 was just fantastic and great and we’ve grown and we’ve invested and we’ve brought more products to market. 2023 is set to be even better!

Our partners can expect more exciting innovations in Call2Teams, improving our customer experience, continuing to automate the provisioning of our product, to make it simpler, quicker, easier to use our products and to take them to your customers. For Carrier Automate we’ve on-boarded a whole load of service providers this year, and we will continue to announce more service providers next year. In terms of our UCaaS relationships, we are an OCA partner with Ribbon, working with Microsoft on Operator Connect. And then next year we will announce partnerships with other UCaaS vendors as well, ensuring that Carrier Automate is truly Mutli-UCaaS. And then even more excitingly, then the work that we’re doing on Call2Teams and Carrier Automate, we’ve got FMC, fixed mobile convergence. One of the things that is incredibly exciting around joining the Dstny group is that they have some proprietary IP around FMC. They have over 2 million users on that technology already, and we will be bringing that into our products next year.

So 2022 has been great. I wish you a fantastic festive period, and are really looking forward to working with you in 2023.”

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