Meet Andrew Davies, Technical Author

Andrew Davies provides his thoughts on what it is like working at Dstny Automate, as Technical Author.

Q – Hello. so today we are joined by Andrew Davies who joined Dstny Automate as a Technical Author. So Andrew when did you join us?

A – About two months ago, I had just left a HR as a service, recruitment automation platform.

Q – Your new role with us, tell us a bit about what you’re doing.

A – Well, in its most basic sense, I’m creating documents; I’m moving information around and working out who needs to know what, sometimes writing it down, sometimes adding it to a shared thing like a wiki, or producing some kind of form of documents, white papers. I mean, the thing I love is no two days are the same, because you’re always looking at something from a fresh angle talking to different people. There is almost a bit of journalism involved, which is great fun, and you get to know your new colleagues but you also get to know the products and systems really well.

Q – With Dstny Automate, we’ve got two products at the moment, Call2Teams and Carrier Automate, tell me what do you think is different about working with the Dstny Automate company?

A – It’s very much the attitude. There is a lovely refreshing attitude of, “hey, if we can do this, let’s do it”. You don’t have to jump through hoops, you can just propose a good idea and if people get onboard with it, it happens, which for me, makes life very straightforward because I can suggest what I think needs to be captured and documented and I have the freedom to shape it as I see fit which is really good.

Q – We work 100% remotely, tell me a bit about how you have found that?

A- Having been fully remote since the pandemic, it’s interesting because you have to adapt to a new way of working, there’s no easy way to put it. You have to set your own boundaries, say right because the laptop is always there, the temptation just to have it open all the time is strong, and that is not just me, I think that’s for a lot of people. It’s finding ways to separate out, and for myself, I go into a shared office a few days a week to get that change of scenery. What I like with this company is I have the flexibility to do that and the trust. If I want to go and work in a cafe, I can go work in a cafe or stay at home if I need to focus so there’s greater degree of freedom I’ve experience before, which is great.

Q – Why would you recommend working for Dstny Automate?

A- A lot of people talk about the culture, and they mean the free fruit and veg, and the beer in the fridge on a Friday. I’m not talking about culture like that here, I’m talking about the people and their attitude, as I mentioned, the ability to get stuff done. It’s great, there are no blockers, you can talk to anyone in the company, everyone is an expert in their own way, which is fantastic. No one holds back. And they’re an interesting bunch of people working on some interesting projects.

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