Qunifi launches Carrier Automate for onboarding to Microsoft’s Operator Connect

Providing service providers an automated fast-tracked approach for Operator Connect

London, UK – 26 October 2021 – Qunifi Limited, the market-leading global provider of orchestration, integration, and mediation services for Microsoft Teams, today announced the release of its new Carrier Automate offering. Providing service providers an easy route to onboarding to Microsoft’s Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams service.

The newly launched Carrier Automate draws upon Qunifi’s extensive experience of both operator integration and Microsoft Teams automation, gained over the past 5 years with its market-leading Call2Teams platform. Qunifi is neither a telco nor an SBC manufacturer. This position of independence has given it wide exposure when it comes to delivering integration with many service providers and their internal systems. A number of the service providers participating in the early phases of Operator Connect are existing Qunifi customers.

Carrier Automate also delivers DRaaS and kicks-off Operator Connect integration to accelerate the go-to-market of a Microsoft Teams proposition whilst the service provider completes Microsoft’s program pre-requisites. This reduces the time to having a Microsoft Teams offer in market to just a few weeks and means the service provider progresses the integration with the Carrier Automate SaaS platform ahead of a full Operator Connect onboarding.

“Qunifi has established itself as a market leader in connecting service providers to Microsoft Teams and our focus on delivering enterprise-grade automation and rapid time-to-market has benefitted more than 50 existing telco operators, as well as supporting a global channel of over 300 managed service providers,” said Mark Herbert, Co-Founder and President of Qunifi. “Conversations with our partners that have been through the Operator Connect onboarding process, have highlighted to us that our skills and expertise in automation could collapse the man-years of effort an operator needs to onboard, to just a few weeks. We have delivered this type of transformation before; it is where our expertise lies. Our mission is to bring our unique agility to service providers so they can be in-market and delivering, ahead of their competitors.”

Qunifi has a unique combination of global SaaS deployment, integration and mediation, and voice expertise. Their specialist team, with a collective experience worth decades in building global SaaS platforms and Microsoft Teams telephony on a global scale, are in a unique position to deliver the levels of automation demanded by Microsoft for their Operator Connect service. Carriers and service providers can now utilize this expertise through Carrier Automate, to bring transformational efficiency to their onboarding journey with Microsoft Operator Connect.

Key Takeaways:

  • Qunifiis launching its Carrier Automate offering to accelerate the time-to-market for service providers onboarding to Microsoft’s new Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams service.
  • Qunifialready deploys a market-leading global SaaS automation platform for Microsoft Teams voice integration, and many of the service providers participating in the initial phases of Operator Connect are existing Qunifi
  • Carrier Automate focuses on delivering the orchestration and mediation needed between the service provider’s BSS/OSS and Microsoft’s Operator Connect API using SaaS-based automation
  • Qunifiis not an operator or SBC manufacturer, delivering independent choice and security needed for a long-term integration partnership
  • Carrier Automate is a low-risk option with a streamlined implementation project and a nominal opex-based user fee

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