Reflecting on our Team Building Days

As a global remote-first organization we're usually working from home, drinking our own coffee, and sitting comfortably at our own desks. Every quarter we get everyone together face-to-face. This time we met at the beautiful Latimer Park, to work as a team and also have fun.

Every quarter we get everyone from around the world face-to-face. This time we met at the beautiful Latimer Park, Buckinghamshire, to work as a team and also have fun.  

A remote-first organization with a great culture

First and foremost I am immensely proud of the company culture we have managed to build. With new joiners feeling part of the team almost instantly, and colleagues from different geographies as valued as our UK staff. This time we had both our west-most person – Miguel from Peru – and our east-most person – Andrius from Latvia – join us. (Thanks for the hats Miguel!)

It’s great to be at the cutting edge and growing our company

Our away days were spent fleshing out our product roadmap, war gaming new incident processes, and discussing how best to scale everything about the business, to go grab the opportunities we see in the market.

Not only are we fortunate to have a great team, but we are also fortunate to be at the cutting edge of change. This brings great opportunity, as well as the challenge of how to scale at a pace to meet market demand. And I appreciate the hard work being done by each member of the team.

As well as working hard it is also important to take the time to recharge, step back and appreciate the gains, so we headed to Bletchley for something a bit different.

An inspirational visit to Bletchley Park

For me Bletchley brings to life a pivotal moment in history – the start of modern computing.

Turing (and Welchman’s) Bombe used to crack Enigma took 12 minutes to test all 17,756 possible Enigma combinations.

12 minutes. 17,756 combinations. In 1940, less than a lifetime ago. Almost incomprehensible against the processing power we take for granted today. 

It was great to share the trip with the team and feel their excitement at experiencing such a wonderful place.

Two years ago serendipity bought me to Qunifi – now Dstny Automate. Cloud computing, the convergence of voice and IT, the impending death of PSTN as we know it; The world of communications is as exciting today as it was in Turing’s heyday.

We’re hiring – be part of the journey.

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